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BP Settlement News

BP Settlement News

As oil gets more and more scarce, companies are taking greater and greater risks to drill for it. In April 2010 an explosion on a deep water oil rig resulted in the rig sinking and thousands of gallons of crude oil leaking out into the ocean. Our demand for oil is pushing the prices up and encouraging businesses to take these risks.

Scale of BP Settlement News

There has been a lot of BP Settlement news on TV, online and in newspapers. This is certainly the biggest ever offshore oil spill in America, if not the world. A large amount of oil has been allowed to spill out into the sea causing untold damage. Previous examples of oil spills have taken years to clean up and resolve, and this one is so much bigger.

Early on when the full extent of the disaster was being uncovered, BP promised to compensate anyone who had legitimately been affected adversely by the oil spill. They initially handled emergency BP Claims and compensation with an internal process, although after a meeting with President Obama they agreed to set aside a trust fund. They initially decided to place $20 billion in a trust fund to cope with future claims against the company.

BP Fines

As well as having to pay compensation, BP settlement news also pointed out that the company will be expected to pay over $4 billion in fines to help clean up the water and fix the problem. As this well was under pressure, stopping the spill was costly and difficult. It was also all unknown because nobody had done anything like it before. After a few months of continuously spewing oil into the ocean the well was temporarily capped. It took several more months before engineers came up with a safe way of drilling relief wells to try and reduce the pressure and permanently solve the problem.

Gulf Claims Commission

BP set up the Gulf Claims commission where anyone who was affected by the spill could file BP claims. The organisation would then review the case and decide whether or not they are entitled to a pay out. The problem with this system was that the head of the organisation was in fact paid by BT, this created a bit of a conflict of interests.

Instead BP settlement news states that now a court based system is used. This seems like a fairer alternative because BP cannot decide who should receive a payout. BP is not happy about this and has tried on several occasions to halt payouts on the grounds of disputed cases and so called scams.

The compensation courts are only accepting new cases until April 2014, so you don’t have long left to make a claim if you think you have been affected. BP settlement news has learned that there is very little money left in the trust fund, at last report in June 2013, there was only $300,000 remaining. This doesn’t mean that BP won’t honor future claims though, but any future claims against BP will have to be paid from its future profits.

If you believe you have suffered as a result of the BP Deep horizon oil spill then you should seek legal assistance to help file your claim and improve the chances of receiving compensation.

BP Medical Claims

BP Medical Claims BP Medical Claims for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

The BP medical claims are still trickling in long after the oil spill took place and the basic clean up was done. This does not mean that the clean up process has been finished but most of the murky and oily water has cleared considerably.

However despite the company’s efforts to contain the spill, residents of the Gulf of Mexico continue to suffer ill health due to exposure to cleaning chemicals that were used by BP in cleaning the oil spill. BP medical claims are expected to occur years after the spillage because some consequences such as chemical contamination may manifest in future generations.

How to Go about the BP Medical Claims

In January 11, 2013, the court approved the Medical Benefits Settlement Class and granted final approval to the Medical benefits Class Action Settlement. Anyone with a BP medical claim or with a reason to file for BP Medical claims is now able to do so as the court ruling allows plaintiffs to ask for compensation.

There are two ways of doing so; through a class action or a Multidistrict litigation. A class action is limited in the settlement it doles out because of the masses and the uniform settlement awarded. Plaintiffs also lack the luxury of hiring their own lawyers and instead contend with the lawyers available for the case.

In a Multidistrict litigation, the plaintiff is free to hire his or her own attorney for representation in court. The compensation sum is also not limited to a certain figure as would be in a class action suit. Hiring a private attorney has its own perks.

Case Symptoms in BP Medical Claims

The BP medical claims associated with the 2010 oil spill involve a series of symptoms as reported by the victims of the spill. The victims report that they experience the following symptoms:

  • Respiratory problems
  • ENT problems
  • Skin Irritation
  • Confusion
  • Burning and lesions
  • Short term Memory Loss

These symptoms and conditions are just a few of the reported cases. Other serious cases include kidney and liver damage; nervous system damage, hypertension and Miscarriages.

Corexit is responsible for most of the health complications associated with the oil spill. It is a compound that was widely used to disperse the oil build up in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the National Resources Defense Council, various components of oil, especially crude oil present risks. Toluene, Benzene and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons found in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are known carcinogens. This means they are potentially cancerous. Mercury and lead found in oil is also toxic.

Miscarriages and low birth weight are also linked to exposure to benzene and other chemicals found in oil.

Workers in Louisiana have reported an increase in mental health problems. People in the affected area are complaining of an increase in stress levels, anxiety, depression, grief, suicidal ideation, excessive drinking and earlier drinking. All these health problems point their origin or pronouncement to the oil spill of 2010.

There have been complaints of people feeling sick after swimming in the Gulf and visiting the beach. The visitors reported sore eyes, nausea, skin irritation and respiratory problems.

BP Medical Claims: History

The BP medical claims started being settled in March 2012. The plaintiffs and cases, both of a medical nature and economic nature totaled to about 100,000 lawsuits which BP honored accordingly.

The first trial that took place against BP was in August 2010 in a US District court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. It was a Multidistrict litigation that was not limited to BP medical claims. The trial was done under the admiralty law of the United States meaning there was no jury to weigh in on the decision. The case was presided over by US District Judge Carl Barbier.

It was established that victims of the BP oil spill who accept payment for final damages from a Claims facility on the Gulf Coast waive their right to sue the company. It is emerging that such claimants will soon be required to transfer their right to sue the other defendants involved albeit partially in the oil spill case to BP. Seek expert legal advice if you have taken part in this BP medical claim and find out where you stand on the BP medical claims case.

Settlement of BP Medical Claims

On January 2013, US District Judge Carl Barbier approved the medical benefits portion of the proposed partial settlement by BP. As long as there was documentation of health conditions that linked the disease to the oil spill, the plaintiff was eligible for compensation and benefits under the partial settlement.

A gulf Coast health outreach program was also put in place by BP. The company estimated that it would spend about $105 million over a period of five years and more. The deal had no specified caps on the duration.

The oil dispersant used was the main reason for the health complications developed by the residents. While the dispersal move was necessary, there were consequences of the move that saw BP cough an extra amount of money to handle the increasing medical claims.

We Handle Individual BP Medical Claims

By hiring a qualified attorney from our firm for representing your BP medical claim in court, you already have conquered half the legal battle. The remaining bit is for the attorney to prove his competence and grasp of the law.

Choosing to file for a BP medical compensation entitles you to benefits that reach into the future. You are securing your health and future. Without the assurance of heath in the future, you may lose more that your well being. Loss of wage, potential loss of income, medical bills arising from oil spill-associated complications and other damages may be encountered. BP medical claims help you get the compensation to cushion any unforeseen incidents and prevent financial loss.

Our firm offers free consultations that are free of any obligation. Unless we enter into a legally binding agreement, you will not be liable to pay any fees for any legal service or advice given thereof.

You may file your BP medical claims with us through our number; 1-800-BP-Claim or contact us through our online form. We will call you within 24 hours of your submitting the form into the system. Exercise your legal right today. Come and file your BP medical claim with us and get compensated today.

Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claims

Deepwater Horizon SettlementAll You Need to Know About The Deepwater Horizon Settlement

Halliburton company recently said that the Deepwater Horizon Settlement is in the advanced stages and an agreement will soon be reached. This is settlement for the claims made after its rig caused on of the biggest oil spills in the history of our country. It said they had set aside about 1 billion dollars which they expected to pay out as claims. This is an increase to the 300 million dollars that they had set aside last year to cater for the litigation resulting from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The company’s financial results show that it is still going strong despite this quarter being a loss making one. The quarter will make losses because of the Deepwater Horizon Settlement and the reserve that they set aside to cater for it is very high. They decided to make a reasonable valuation that would give their investors the real picture on what is going on. The reserve is a bit on the higher side and is expected to meet all the claims that may be made. According to them an undercast may have resulted in panic and doubt if the settlement failed and they were asked to pay a much higher figure than the one they had made a reserve for.

Who is entitled to claims under the Deepwater Horizon Settlement?

The number of people who are entitled to claims is quite large and varied. Both individual business owners and companies are entitled to claims if they made any losses after the oil spill. There are certain economic losses and property damage claims that are covered in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement. If you fall in any of those categories you should not be shy in making your claims.

The various categories of people included here are; sea food compensation program, business economic loss, failed start up loss, individual economic loss, real property sales loss, subsistence loss, wetlands loss, vessel damage loss and other many categories. Everybody who suffered any form of loss related to the oil spill fits in one of the categories that have been listed.

There is a claims administrator who is charged with the duty of determining who has a valid claim to the compensation. There are also a large number of law firms all of whom are looking for clients to help claim compensation in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement. They know that even with small and seemingly insignificant facts that you have a very real and solid case.

The estimate that was made mainly covers compensation for stock and cash. This claims would be paid over a certain period of time. The estimate that was stated does not include the reserve for insurance that they may receive compensation for.

BP had tried arguing that those who made the oil rig were responsible for the spill. Halliburton company however stated that BP had the final say in everything that went on. The company is hoping that the settlement takes place smoothly. They however said that they were ready to go to court if the Deepwater Horizon Settlement proved to be too much for them to handle.

We can also handle your BP Settlement by viewing our other page.